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Here's some of the rough versions of my Silkscreen prints. Also featured here are the alternative versions I presented to the client for them to choose from. I didn't always approve of their decisions!

Fargo Screenprint Rough v3 flat
No Country Rough 02
No Country Rough 04
No Country Rough 03
No Country Rough 01
Army of Darkness rough 04
Ultron Rough 02
GOOD BAD UGLY rough 02
Clint study 01
Tuco study
Eli Comic Con Cover 02
Eli Comic Con Cover
Book of Eli Silkscreen bw art
Eli Poster B 02
Eli Poster A bw
Eli Comic Con Cover 03
CHL Rough 03 flat
CHL Screenprint Rough 01
Cool Hand Luke Rough 02
CHL art
Blazing Saddles bw art
Blazing saddles rough flat
Die Hard rough 01
Die Hard Rough 03 v03
Die Hard Rough 04
Die Hard Rough 02
Independence Day rough
Hendrix art
IDW rough 07
Raiders rough
Indiana Jones Poster pencil art
Indiana Jones study
Escape from New York colour rough v2 fla
Escape from New York rough
Escape From New York Art
Big Trouble Rough
Big Trouble in Little China BW Art
The Thing BW Art
Kurt Triptych rough
The Thing Rough
Rocky Screenprint Rough
Descent poster Rough
The Descent art
Descent Rough 02 flat
Nosferatu art bw
MM2 Close up 01
Prisoner Rough v2
Trolljegeren v2
Troll Hunter Rough 02 lettered
Troll Hunter Rough 03 Lettered
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