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I occasionally do a private commission. The following prices are a general guide but I reserve the right to adjust the costs depending on the complexity of the commission's content. I also retain the publication rights to the piece, and may offer it as a print or publish it in a sketchbook or "art of" book.

  • Full colour painting, size A2                                        £2000

  • Full colour painting, size A3:                                         £1000

  • Black and White art, size A2                                         £800
  • Black and White art, size A3:                                        £500

  • Full colour painting, A4:                                                £450

  • Black and White art size A4:                                         £200

  • Single full figure drawing, no background A3           £150

  • Single full figure drawing, no background A4             £100

  • Head and shoulder sketch                                             £50

Swamp Thing commission for Pete Owens Dark
Strontium Dog for Wiggz
Swamp Thing for Pete Owens rough 01 dark
Mysterio for Wiggz
Doctor Doom for Wiggz
Bolland Dredd for Richard Starkings
Man-Thing for Wiggz
Nosferatu The Death Ship
Karl's Dmitri
Eli Con Art
Jon's DreddBatman
Batman commission for Bob
Christmas Klegg 02
Mean Machine
Moore Connery clipped
WynterCon colour art 03 flat
Lyons 05
Lyons 04
Lyons 01
Lyons 03
Lyons 02
James ash Chopper Commission Dark
Dmitri print art bitmap 03 flat
Dmitri Commission for Andrew Varcho Dark
Adrian Card
Grant's piece
Dredd and Klegg Art
Ned Slade
Batman drawing
Dmitri and Slade
Steel Claw Vs. Spider Javier
Javier Spider
Wiggz Death Commission
Judge Hershey
Wiggz Blitzspear
Commmission Steel Claw Vs. Spider
Commisssion Thorston Shadow 01
Alpha 01
By Request Page 39
By Request Page 38
By Request Page 36
By Request Page 35
By Request Page 30
By Request Page 34
By Request Page 23
By Request Page 16
By Request Page 06
By Request Page 18
By Request page 19
By Request Page 22
Watchmen NiteOwl illo
The Spider painting
Tharg art
Spider 03
Painted Space Trio
Shadow rough
Phantom Patrol Flat 72 dpi
Out of Water
Moonraker art
Miracleman 2.5 colour flat
Mike's Strange
Sherlock by Weston copia
MM Con pic
Judge-Chris Weston 4 small
Chris Weston - George Orwell (LSCC 2013)
Dredd Con art
Eli Con Art
Anderson sketch
Kano sketch 02
Judge Death
Jason's Marvelman sketch
Flamebird Nightwing Colour
Dredd Death colour
Dredd Sketch Art
Don Uggy Apelino
Doc Mahattan
Dan Dare vs Robot Monster
Captain America Red Skull
Captain America 131 colour
Brian Carney's Commission
Black Max final
 Sean's Bizarro commission
Bamber's Captain Britain Painting
Bamber Dredd Versus Death
1984 art
Rocketeer Portsmouth
Lucifer 1
DHConcommission 01
Melchior MM
Melchior DK
Hammerstein dark
DR 01
Burdis Commission
Bizarro painting
Bamber Snake Dark
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