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About Chris Weston

Chris Weston has been a professional comic strip artist since 1988. After studying for a year with Don Lawrence (artist of Storm and The Trigan Empire), Chris secured his first paid job for the UK’s 2000ad weekly comic drawing Judge Dredd, a character he regularly returned to right up to the present day.


Chris worked on several series for 2000ad, his favorite being the gruesome Killing Time, co-created with John Smith. Canon Fodder, written by Mark Millar, followed this. Chris worked again with Millar on an issue of Swamp Thing, his first work for an American comic book publisher. Thus began a long sequence of work for Vertigo and DC Comics, as Chris drew The Invisibles, Starman, Garth Ennis’ War Stories: Johann’s Tiger, Enemy Ace, JSA, Lucifer, The Authority and Time Breakers.


Chris went on to co-produce two critically acclaimed creator-owned series: The Filth and Ministry of Space. The former was a mind-bending paranoid thriller written by Grant Morrison; the latter a limited series written by Warren Ellis which saw Britain winning the Space Race. Chris then drew his first series for Marvel: Fantastic Four: First Family followed by The Twelve, a twelve-issue limited series written by J. Michael Straczynski.


In 2008, Chris began to produce concept art and storyboards for films. Amongst a variety of movie productions, he worked on The Book of Eli and an unmade live action adaptation of Akira, both for director Albert Hughes. More recently, he worked as a costume designer on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Chris now juggles his time between drawing Judge Dredd, film work and a growing line of silkscreen print commissions.

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