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Here's a sequence of storyboards I drew for a Jägermeister advert directed by Albert Hughes.

Jaeger Shot 02 pass 04
Jaeger Shot 03
Jaeger Shot 04
Jaeger shot 03 pass 02
Jaeger Shot 04 pass 04
Jaeger Shot 06
Jaeger shot 08 pass 03
Jaeger shot 07 pass 02a
Jaeger Shot 09 pass 02
Jaeger Shot 10 pass 02
Jaeger Shot 05
Jaeger Corridoor scene 02B colour
Jaeger Corridoor scene 04 colour
Jaeger Corridoor cutaway Miners cabinet
Jaeger Corridoor scene 03 colour
Jaeger Corridoor cutaway Ornate Painting
Jaeger Corridoor scene 01A colour
Jaeger Corridoor cutaway Brotherhood Pho
Jaeger Corridoor scene 01B colour
Jaeger Corridoor cutaway Explorers Statu
Jaeger Corridoor scene 05 colour
Jaeger Corridoor cutaway hand colour
Main Room Shot 02 colour
Main Room Shot 04 colour
Main Room Shot 03 colour
Main Room shot Fletcher 09A Push-in colo
Main Room shot Fletcher 09B Push-in Colo
Main Room Shot 08A King Push-in colour
Main Room Shot 08B King Push-in colour
Main Room Shot 07A Roach Push-in colour.
Main Room Shot 07B Roach Push-in colour.
Main Room Shot 06B colour
Main Room shot 05
Main Room Shot 01A colour
Jaeger Bottle shot b
Main Room Pouring Shot colour
Main Room Wide shot colour
Main Room Shot 06A
Main Room Cowboy raises glass colour
Main Room Slam Shot colour
Main Room Shot 01B colour
Main Room Final shot colour 02
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